Breakout singer-songwriter Mimi Webb has released “Last Train To London (I Won’t Look Back)” – listen HERE – featuring updated production from Grammy Award-winning musician FINNEAS. FINNEAS adds his own spin to the record, building in a warmer and organic piano production throughout the poignant ballad. The original track, “Last Train To London,” was featured on Mimi’s debut album Ameliawhich released last month.

“I played ‘Last Train To London’ to FINNEAS shortly after I wrote it and asked him if he would be willing to put his touch on the record; I couldn’t believe when he said yes! Working with him was a dream come true! His take on the song is perfect and as soon as I heard his version, I wanted to share it with the world,” said Mimi.

“Last Train To London (I Won’t Look Back)” is accompanied by its official music video, directed by Joe Connor – WATCH HERE. With sweeping visuals of the moody countryside and voyeuristic shots looking in on those onboard a warmly lit train. Mimi takes the viewer with her as she literally and metaphorically moves on from heartbreak, eventually taking the final step to leave her failed love behind.

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