Maisie Peters Releases New Single, “The List” and Lyric Video

Maisie Peters is back with her latest single, “The List.” Peters utilizes poetic lyrics and harmonies, to reveal the things she wishes she could do and the shared struggle of “liking yourself” even when “you really really don’t,” Peters shared to Instagram.

When talking about the new single, Peters also noted that “Someone on twitter asked me how much of ‘the list’ I’ve accomplished, and honestly I feel like it changes from day to day; however I do feel like since writing this song, I’ve made at least a subconscious choice to try and tick off some of my list every day, and that counts for something. We all have lists, but we are all much more than our lists, and should all remember that as often as we can.”

The release was coupled with a collaborative music video. Peters asked fans to pick one word from the lyrics and “make it/ draw it/ paint it/ bake it/ create it in any way u want to.” The submitted works were reviewed, selected and edited together to create a moving and relatable piece.

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