Madison Beer Releases More Music From ‘Life Support’

Madison Beer has returned with two brand new tracks and it’s safe to say that 2020 will be seeing more chart-topping hits from the singer. ‘Selfish’ and ‘Stained Glass,’ Beer’s newest singles, are gaining more popularity by the minute on streaming platforms like Spotify. 

The vulnerability on both singles shows listeners a less-filtered version of Beer and her life experiences thus far. After an intense demand from her fans, the ‘Hurts Like Hell’ singer decided to recently release new music from her current catalog; specifically ‘Stained Glass.’

In a more slowed down and subdued musical arrangement, Beer reveals that she “just might break” on ‘Stained Glass.’ Unlike much of her previous discography, such as ‘Home With You,’ these new releases show off Beer’s range and the emotional impact of her delicate vocals. By stripping away the booming basslines and overpowering beats, her raw talent now shines effortlessly and therefore brings the genuine messages of each track to life in a way that listeners have yet to experience before. 

Madison Beer’s natural shift in sound portrays her authentic versatility as a singer and artist to listeners. While she succeeds in creating traditional pop hits, these new singles prove that her talent goes beyond catchy club tracks. In fact, ‘Selfish’ entered both the U.S. and Global Spotify charts just after its official release. ‘Stained Glass’ received nearly half a million streams on its release day – April 3, 2020. And of course, the dedication and devotion of Beer’s fans remains as strong as ever. 

The raw vocals and unguarded messages presented on the singer’s most recent tracks are smoothly transitioning and preparing listeners for a new Madison Beer era. Fans are desperate to hear Beer’s next full-length project, Life Support, and have admitted to their excitement across social media platforms extensively. After signing with Epic Records last summer, her supporters have been preparing for the music they have been waiting years to hear. Beer released a brand new single ‘Good in Goodbye’ earlier this year followed by the release of ‘Selfish’ on Valentine’s Day. 

‘Good In Goodbye’ easily became a new break-up anthem and also stands as the lead single from her debut upcoming album. That single gave listeners a preview of the growth Beer has experienced over the past year or so. If one thing is certain, she is not holding back on her new music when it comes to revealing her true emotions. This new era represents reflection, self-expression and growing pains. Beer is opening up more on Life Support and now the countdown begins to hear the full project.

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