Katy Perry is Back with New Single, “Never Really Over”

It’s been 2 years since we have heard new music from Katy Perry. Now she’s back with her new dance single, “Never Really Over”.  

The song is a musical exploration of relationships. Perry acknowledges that  “all of our relationships – from first love, through failed love, to great love – all become a part of you, so that none are ever really over, and once you accept both the dark and the light, you may find that the darkness brought you to the light.”

Perry sings “I’m losing my self-control,” as a few alternating notes play behind her vocals. Slowly, the track adds drums, builds to the anticipated chorus before she sings, “Guess It’s never really over.” which ushers in a beat drop and a catchy hook.

The song’s May 31 release was accompanied by a whimsical and psychedelic music video directed by Philippa Price; known for her work with BANKS and St. Vincent. The video was infused with 70s vibes, splashes of orange and dream-like fields and jars of hearts.  

The track was a collaboration of Perry as well as notable producers and song-writers on the track; including Zedd, Dan Haywood, Leah Haywood, Dagny, Gino Barletta, Michelle Buzz, Jason Gill and Hayley Warner.

The video already has 30 million streams on YouTube. Dare we say, it’s the song of the summer? Watch the video below and let us know what you think?