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Hayd Continues to Share His Journey on Debut EP ‘Changes’

The past year has given us a chance to reflect on our highs, lows, achievements, and heartbreaks. For Michigan-born singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Hayd, that reflection has culminated with the release of his debut EP, ‘Changes.’ 

Beginning with his viral single, “Closure,” Hayd gives listeners an intimate look into his thoughts and his journey toward accepting change. 

“Life comes and goes in seasons. This EP, from front to back, is the journey it took me to realize that. For so long I tried to resist the change around me. I was scared of the unknown, scared of failure… but change is how we grow. “There’s a reason for every season” … at least that’s what my mom’s Hallmark pillow says,” Hayd shared. 

In addition to his previously released self-written and produced tracks “Airplane Mode” and  “Changes,” the EP also includes autobiographical tracks including “Head in the Clouds,” “The Idea of You,” and “Faces.”

The EP is celebrated by a music video for track 2, “Head in the Clouds” directed by Jesse DeFlorio. The nostalgic video filmed on Kodak Film chronicles the relationship of two figures with clouds for heads. Viewers follow them through fields and forests, while they paint and picnic. That visual is accompanied by Hayd at the piano, while he plays through the mellow melody. 

Eventually, the female cloud figure leaves the male figure alone in the field. The male figure sits and reflects and eventually removes the cloud to reveal Hayd, heartbroken and blindsided.

Listen to the full EP here!


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