Harry Styles Creates Plush Dreamstate in New Single “As It Was” 

Harry Styles recently released a new single  “As It Was,” alongside a music video, giving fans the first taste of his album to come. The single marks the first release since the artist’s 2019 album Fine Line and dropped on March 31 to an anxiously awaiting mass of fans. 

A self proclaimed “bop” by the artist’s Instagram account, “As It Was” serves up something brand new for a fanbase that has been hungry for fresh music. Reigning in a new sound for the artist, “As It Was” shows another side to the dynamic character that is Harry Styles.

Styles’ signature blend of catchy, sweet, emotional and sentimental is encapsulated in the lyrics that set the listener on a path to play the song again and dive deeper. His vocals, powerful yet extremely delicate give the lyrics authority and emphasize the growth and build up to the final ringing chorus. 

Ripples of guitar and bass laced with echo-y synth nestled in a hypnotic cloud of the beautifully gentle yet strong vocals make the single an all around magical listen. The steady beat grounds the track while the deep backing vocals help fill out the piece creating a rich experience.  

The single cultivates a plush dreamstate that moves listeners to want to dance around the room, drive a car with all the windows rolled down, or possibly cry. Once again, Styles delivers a danceable, fun yet deeply emotional and raw piece of music sure to set hearts racing across the world.

The song was released alongside a beautifully directed music video in which Styles stars, dancing about in a sparkling red jumpsuit. Bright colors and funky shapes give the music video a psychedelic feel while the choreographed movements pull together a cohesive story.  

Styles is about to embark on the Europe leg of Love On Tour, his stadium concert series, and will be a headliner at the California music festival Coachella. The artist’s new album Harry’s Home is set to drop on May 20.