Expertise, Authority, and Trust – ‘Crowd Pleaser’ is a Testament to Foley’s Musical Journey 

Ash Wallace and Gabriel Everett, more affectionately known as the Indie-Pop duo Foley, recently dropped their debut album, Crowd Pleaser, via noteworthy music label Nettwerk. Having worked together for over a decade, diligently honing their musical craft and unique sound, their album is a rush of fresh and innovative music. It successfully keeps the energy percolating from one track to the next. It features ten songs that immerse the listener and celebrate the songwriting that propels stories and vocals with sophisticated tension.

As skillful multi-instrumentalists whose movements are swift, precise, and rhythmic, Foley’s distinct music style has captured hearts across New Zealand and beyond. Known for their eclectic blend of indie pop sounds, the duo has constructed a niche in this often oversaturated and cluttered musical landscape. Wallace and Everett’s undying commitment to music and their passion for idiosyncratic sound have culminated in this debut album. Each track exudes something subtle and endlessly different. Confident in their abilities as artists, Wallace and Everett never take a moment to underplay any song. “What Got Into You” feels both personal and principled. Also, there is an astonishing brazenness of heartwarming depictions of friendship, support, anger, and sorrow.

There is a 1980s nostalgia about Foley’s because duos back in that day were more intimate than bands. When you listen to Crowd Pleaser, you can hear the chemistry between Wallace and Everette throughout every single track. Their sound is theirs, and they have designed Crowd Pleaser to become a part of stage-crushing, indie-pop history.

Though Crowd Pleaser is commercial in a good way, it delivers an ambitious mix of pop anthems like “Killing Me Babe” and “Tongue.” And “What’s Gotten Into You” unspools the adverse effects and tension that spreading false information can create.

Crowd Pleaser is a solid appetizer and a glorious 29-minute showcase that cleverly sets the stage for what we can expect from Foley’s sophomore album. The album embodies Foley’s far-reaching musical aptitude extending throughout the sonic spectrum. Vibrant, catchy tunes intertwine with thoughtful lyrics, creating an entertaining and evocative experience. It has the prowess to inspire the next generation of singers with their own spin of distinct and auditory sounds.

With guarded, artful, and uninhibited writing, Crowd Pleaser is a treat that will please the seasoned fan base and discover newer ones.

Featured Photo Credit: Frances Carter