EXCLUSIVE: Wesley Stromberg and Summit talk Music, European Tour and More

WESLEY started off the summer stronger with his new single “YAYA,” which is the perfect summer banger. The former Emblem3 band member is celebrating his one year anniversary as a solo artist but releasing some of his best music yet. ECHO had the chance to talk with WESLEY about his new music, his European tour and more!

How have you been since the last time we saw each other?

Wesley: I have been busy. Yeah, life is definitely good. It has improved. We’ve been working really hard. We’ve got a lot more music out now. So it’s just a little more exciting, you know?

Speaking of new music, you released “YAYA” and it’s a summer smash. Talk about the creative process behind that song.

Summit: We started in a little studio we were in. We were jamming one night – it was his birthday actually and I had just got back from Mexico. I riffed a beat on a beach in Mexico kind of  inspired by the ocean and stuff. We were just playing tom beat and he [Wesley] was like ‘ooh’ and then he just started playing guitar and then all of a sudden the hook was there.

Wesley: Yeah- well- I mean, it took a few hours. We literally recorded for 6 hours straight. We just got super into it and just felt the track. We had our buddy JBrave with us too, and we also brought in Matt Keller and David Frank from Universal Music Publishing who’s been so supportive of the record. We just wrote all night. It was an incredible night. I feel like we grew closer as friends- stronger and stronger. 

Spencer Evans from Spirinity Productions

You shot the music video for “YAYA” recently. What was the shoot for that like? It looked fun. 

Wesley: Oh my gosh! It was so fun. We shot it with this guy, Spencer. He’s an awesome director. We did a little shoot in Malibu, in the Canyons driving that sweet classic car. Then we got some shots in a warehouse. It’s called Popsicle L.A. Studios. It’s actually the set created for Batman The Dark Knight. It’s literally the garage in Batman when the the car that comes up and he walking towards it and talking with Morgan Freeman. Yeah, so we shot in there. 

What’s one thing in the summer that you would say, “YAYA” to?

Welsey: I want to go to Hawaii- YAYA.

Summit: YAYA!

Welsey: I want to go to Bali. I want to move in to a freakin’ huge house with all my homies.YAYA! 

You’ve been working on this solo project for a little over a year now. Talk about that journey so far.

It’s been a crazy journey. You know, I was in a very popular boy band. Going from that and then starting over basically in a totally different world. It’s been a very humbling experience. Just showing the truths and the ups and downs of the industry. But it been really fun. I’m lucky to have great friends with great support and great fans. It’s been great. I love writing whatever  I want and not having to listen to anybody else’s opinion. It’s been cool. I really, really want it to pick up. I want it to take off. 

What is one inspiring quote that your would want to ECHO to your fans?

Welsey: It’s not a matter of if, but a matter of when. Meaning, if you have a dream or something that you’re passionate about that you want to happen all you have to do is work hard and it will happen. 

Summit: I would say – the way that you think and the way that your see things determines what your life is actually like. Your perspective determines your reality. It’s really important to be how you think about things and how you’re seeing life because that’s what’s real for you. It’s the real thing. What’s real for you then it’s real. 

You’re going on an international tour soon. Is this your first time touring solo outside of the United States and do you think you’ll see a lot of Emblem 3 fans there?

Wesley: Yes- fully new going as a solo artist. I’m very excited. I think I will see a lot of familiar faces. And then I’m going to a lot of new spots that I never to go before with Emblem 3: Italy…

Summit: Milan, London, Barcelona, Portugal  and maybe France- we’re not sure yet. 

Wesley: So I’ve never been to France, Milan and Barcelona; so I’m really excited to go and meet new people and experience their cultures. Last time I was in Portugal, it was incredible. I can’t wait to go back. 

Is there a place that your are most excited to go to?

Wesley: Probably Spain.

Summit: Personally, I’ve never been to London and I’ve always wanted to go. I’ve been close. I’ve been to a bunch of places around it, but I’ve never actually been. I love the culture. I love the music that comes out of there. 

Wesley: You’re going to love it dude!

You post a lot of unique covers. How do you determine what songs to cover?

I either pick a classic that I am a big fan like Panic at the Disco or someone who I grew up listening to or I’ll look at Top 40 or trending on Spotify Top 50 and pick my favorite one that’s dope off there. We chose the Bebe Rexha one. It wasn’t the highest on the list, but I thought that the song actually was really, really good. And then the Chainsmokers and Bebe Rexha retweeted it and shouted it out; so that was super cool. 

What are some of the artists that you are listening to right now that you definitely want to work with?

Wesley: J. Cole – I want to just put a bunch of rappers on my sh*t bro! 

Summit: We’ve been really into Anderson .Paak. Love him. 

Welsey: Billie Eilish! If I could collab with anybody right now, I would probably want to collab with Billie Eilish. When I do my softer side my sound is very similar to hers.

Can fans expect more music soon?

Welsey: I’ve got another song coming out in a few weeks. It’s called “ALL GOOD” which was inspired by listening to a bunch of Brazil funk last time we were there. There’s a dope Brazilian artist on the track as well which we’ll announce soon! 

Summit: We were really inspired by our trip to Brazil . 

Wesley: Oh – and it features a Brazillian artist. 

You can catch WESLEY on tour in Europe by purchasing tickets here.

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