EXCLUSIVE: Troy Zarba Talks Debut Single “4AM” and More

If you’re familiar with social media and it’s new app TikTok, you’re most likely familiar with Troy Zarba. A former social media star turned musician is getting off to a good start with his new song “4AM.” With his sound being an al-pop genre, Zarba will easily become a new artist to listen to as new artists emerge from the popular app.

We chatted with Zarba about his debut single and much more.

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

How are you?

I’m great!!

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

What was creating 4AM for you like?

Creating 4am was extremely fun. It was something that came super easy due to me and my friends just messing around. It’s one of those songs where everything just clicked.

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

What was the meaning behind the song for you? What about the time 4AM wanted you to make a song called that?

The meaning behind 4am is about my time when I first came to LA. I was with this girl a lot and about 99% of the time we were out at parties and it became too much for me. I was always getting home at around 4am or later.

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

Starting off in the industry as an influencer, what was the transition to go from heavily social media to music?

I’d say my transition from influencer to music isn’t complete yet. People that see me on social media don’t see much about me going into music. Once I have more music out and people see that it’s something I love and I’ll keep doing then I’d say I’ve made the transition. The other thing about doing music as an influencer is that it’s scary. My biggest fear in music is that people understand I’m not doing it for money. Or because I have followers. And what I make is in a home studio with my friends, it’s genuine.

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

Was music a passion of yours that you always wanted to do?

Music was always a huge passion of mine. But not singing at first. I never really attempted singing until I came to LA. When I started to sing and write music, and met some of my talented friends, I felt a new outlook on music and loved it even more. I saw music as something that you can always progress in. There is always a way to get better and that’s a part that made me enjoy working on music even more.

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

Since this is your first single, who would you love to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with John Hill. He’s a great producer and his style is amazing. I think working with him would be so sick.

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

If you could set up a fan in a setting for them to listen to your music, what setting would that be?

The setting someone would listen to my music I’d say would be either in their room or walking around at night time. Where it’s peaceful and you have no worries.

Photo Credit: Will Heffernan

What is one quote you’ve heard in life that you’d want to ECHO out to fans?

One quote I would like to ECHO out is that. All my music is genuine, my whole process is authentic. Just me and my friends having a good time.

Stream “4AM” now!

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