EXCLUSIVE: Thomas Nicholas Reminisces on New Single “Better Than Home”

“That one time, at band camp…”

Like Thomas Nicholas’ ‘American Pie’ costar Alyson Hannigan (Michelle), we all have those moments that replay in our memories like scratched vinyl. Reminders of the good old days when life was simpler.

Nicholas, of the Thomas Nicholas Band, embraces that nostalgia on their new single “Better Than Home.” Cruising down the backstreets of memory lane, Nicholas reminisces on some of his most personal and sentimental moments with friends.

We chatted with Thomas Nicholas about the single, his upcoming 7th studio album, and tour! 

What inspired your new single “Better Than Home”? 

I was born in Vegas but my first memories of growing up were in Santa Cruz, CA from age 2 till 6. My best friend from kindergarten and I would still hang out for a few weeks every 5 years or so. I have all these great memories of those times with him that I will always hold onto. For me the song reminds me of all my time over the years in Capitola with him. 

You co-wrote the song with Zac Barnett (American Authors) and Taylor Caroll (LIT, Kemikalfire) is producing the album. How did you, Zac, and Taylor all get connected and what was it like to collaborate on this song? 

Taylor came to the studio with this killer idea for a chorus about life as a kid being better with your friends. Zac happened to stop by just to say hello. We played him the chorus we were working on and before I knew what was happening Zac was singing a verse melody. 

There’s a little easter egg in the cover art. Could you share what inspired the design and why you chose to include the detail in your side mirror?

The side view mirror shows a reflection of my very first home just outside of Las Vegas, NV. I thought it would be an artistic way to depict our past in the album artwork. 

 Better Than Home Cover Art

If you could set fans up in the perfect environment to listen to “Better Than Home,” what do you imagine it looking like? 

I’d say in a car on a road trip driving on the California coast with your friends in the fall when the weather is just perfect to have your windows down. 

These songs can be heard on your upcoming 7th studio album. What can fans expect from that project? 

I’m really proud of the songs that I’m creating with Taylor. I think the vibe that we have as friends is infused into each of these songs. The sound of the record has a throw back feel with modern production elements. It’s also offers some more personally lyrics than I’ve previously been willing to share. 

Some of your fans have been with you since “Rookie of the Year” and “American Pie.” What is it like to interact and be supported with people who have grown up with you? 

I think that is one of the coolest things to have a connection with people that makes them feel like they are reuniting with an old friend when they meet me for the first time. 

Your last single “Same Kids” returns back to those days. Both songs are very nostalgic. Looking back, what’s a moment you wish you soaked in more? 

Probably the time with friends, especially the ones that aren’t here anymore. Just so I could have even more memories of my time with them. 

Your son, Nolan, is following in your acting footsteps. What has that been like? Have you given him any advice on getting the most out of his own acting experience? 

First of all, I’m very proud of Nolan and my daughter Zoë. They are both very talented and I love supporting their focus on acting, music and all artistic expressions. My daughter has even started to take an interest in developing her acting skills My advice has also been to create good preparing habits. 

You’re getting ready to go on a UK tour with Don’t Panic and a Germany tour in March. What can fans expect for those performances? 

Well the start of my tour will be an acoustic concert infused with stories about making ‘American Pie’ since this year is the 25th anniversary. Then the UK will be a full band pop punk party with Don’t Panic. I will be performing the latest singles as well. 

Tickets to the March UK Tour with Don’t Panic can be purchased here. 

What are you most excited about in 2024? 

Currently, you can see my latest TV show “UnderDeveloped” steaming and on cable. And of course my new album will drop May 17th. 

I’m also going to be releasing music videos for the singles on my new VEVO channel. 

I think I’m the most excited to share stages with so many great bands like Goldfinger, Punk Rock Factory, Mest, Adam and the Metalhawks to name a few. 

What is one quote that you’ve heard or that you go by that you want to ECHO out to the world? 

“Belief creates the actual fact.”
— William James

Photo Credit: Aaron Richter