EXCLUSIVE: Seint Monet Chats New Singles and Upcoming EP

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Put on some headphones and step into the world of Seint Monet. Combining elements of alt-pop and classical music, Monet lyrically and melodically paints vivid stories in her first two singles, “Bloom” and “32 Degrees.” 

We chatted with the New Jersey native about her singles, her upcoming debut EP, and more.

How did you first get interested in music?

I started learning piano in elementary school, and pretty much knew right away that I wanted to pursue a career in music. I joined as many music clubs as I could and performed outside of school often. At the time, I was set on being a classical pianist because I thought it was the sensible thing to do. At some point, I realized that I was unhappy with being sensible, and went for a career as an artist.

How would you describe your sound?

When it comes to sound, Seint Monet is very much a mix of genres. Every song we are releasing has its own original sound while still being cohesive as a whole. I don’t like using genre to describe my sound, so I’ll compare it to a house where every room is decorated based on a different era.

You’re a classical pianist and have been performing at Carnegie Hall for the last 6 years. Has your classical training inspired elements of your music?

Yes! Crazy, it feels like a lifetime ago. My classical training has most definitely inspired elements of my music. To be honest, there was a period where I felt as though it was holding me back. When I wrote, I was focused more on the instrumentals and my songs were super long. I had to basically reset my thinking when it came to writing; abandon all the rules I had learned. Once I did that, the classical background worked in my favor. There are subtle elements of classical piano that you can hear in the first two singles I released, but once the EP is out, it’ll be a lot more obvious.

What was the inspiration behind your first single, “Bloom”?

I view “Bloom” as a universal song. It was written about a budding relationship, and the difficulties that come with navigating it. I think anyone can relate to that, whether they’re thinking about a significant other, friend, family member, etc. I also like to think “Bloom” is a testament to the start of Seint Monet.

You wrote the track with Camden Mueller (Prince Fox), Mia Shelton, Miette Hope, and Johnluke Lewis (LANY). How did you get connected with all of them and what was it like working with them?

“Bloom” is actually the only song on the upcoming EP that I didn’t write on. My manager Matt and I held a songwriter retreat back in February. I had already known Camden and Johnluke prior, and Matt knew Mia and Miette. This song was actually one of the last songs written on that retreat. The decision for my debut single to be a song I did not write on was not an easy one. I have always held pride in the fact that I am both a songwriter and artist, but when it came to “Bloom”, the song was so fitting for who Seint Monet is as an artist and brand. 

You just released your latest single, “32 Degrees.” What was the inspiration behind that track?

“32 Degrees” was written with Johnluke Lewis, Julius Rodriguez (A$AP Rocky, Brasstracks), Miette Hope, and Mike Malchicoff (King Princess, Kanye West, Troye Sivan). I knew that I wanted a song that reflected both my time in New Jersey and Nashville. When I first moved to Nashville, I had a hard time meeting genuine people. There were a lot of people who made me feel like I was back in high school, hence the “973”. With this song, I also wanted it to be considered a Jersey anthem because it’s where I got my start and is a great source of influence for my music.

What did the writing process look like?

There was a lot that went into the making of “32 Degrees”. It was written at the retreat with Johnluke (who also co-produced), Julius, and Miette. I then brought it to Mike in LA, who produced it out. 

You’ve noted that you want to create a universe for your music like how Lady GaGa created one for Chromatica. Where do your first two singles fit into that universe?

Yes, our goal with this project was to create a universe consisting of original sound, brand, visuals, etc. I would say “Bloom” is an introduction to the brand and imagery that Seint Monet is based around. “32 Degrees” gives a little more insight into the attitude and personality of Seint Monet.

 If you could set fans up in the perfect environment to listen to “32 Degrees,” what do you imagine it looking like?

I would round up all of my fans and put them in the Newark Airport, where we would blast this song and have a party.

What inspired the concept for the music video for “32 Degrees”? What can fans look forward to next?

Because of the “973” reference, it was only right to shoot this music video in my home state! We flew out the directors of this video, Daniel Chaney and Kathryn Hurtado, and showed them around where I grew up.

We did a little location scouting and found areas that we felt represented what it was like being a New Jersey native. Since my hometown was super close to New York, we wanted some city elements in the video, so we shot at the Hoboken Waterfront. With this video, we wanted to portray the fun, no B.S. attitude that most New Jersey natives have.

The next single will be released on September 17th. It is also very different from the previous two songs, which was intentional.

What can fans expect from your upcoming EP?

As I said before, the upcoming EP, out on September 25th, abandons the idea of falling under one genre. It will include the three singles as well as three new songs. We will also be releasing plenty more visuals and possibly some merch!

 What is one quote that you have heard or that you go by that you want to echo out to the world?

My manager Matt always says that we need to “take one step forward everyday”. It’s become our motto for work and everything else in general. Working in the music industry can often get overwhelming. It’s easy to feel like you’re falling behind, but by making a bit of progress everyday, you’ll soon realize you’re ahead of where you thought you were.

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