EXCLUSIVE: Nellie Charles Chats Her New Single “BO$$” and Knowing Her Value

Nellie Charles is setting the bar high on her bold new anthem, “BO$$.”

Following her own “journey of self-discovery and self-respect,” the R&B newcomer has crafted an anthem for anyone who has ever felt undervalued.

The release is accompanied by an intimate and confident video directed by BlueBoredom (Digga D, French The Kid). 

We chatted with Charles about the inspiration for “BO$$,” knowing her value, and what to expect from her upcoming debut EP arriving Summer 2024.

What inspired your new single “Boss”?
“BO$$” is really about a relationship where you get what you give , setting boundaries and realizing there’s nothing wrong with setting standards and going at the pace you want and realizing what your worth is because you’re the boss.

What was the journey like to recognize that value in yourself?
I think not relying on anyone else to make me happy made me realize my value.

What was the production process like for “Boss”?

Well, I heard the beat and I really liked it. Also I thought it was different from previous work I’d done, so I recorded it ruff in my bedroom actually and spoke what was on my mind. I sat on it for a bit because I can be shy with my songs, but ended up playing it to my friend one day and she loved it and had the lyrics stuck in her head. So I went to re-record it with a producer I know from London called Dizzy and he really thought it was something I should release.

“BO$$” is the lead single off your upcoming debut EP arriving this summer. How does “BO$$” fit into the EP’s story?
The EP is really about the breakdown of a relationship and the different stages of that. I’m really pleased with how it sounds, and how each song is a different stage or emotion. I just put my true and honest feelings into the lyrics and I can’t wait for people to hear it and see what they think.

If you could set fans up in the perfect environment to listen to “BO$$,” what do you imagine it looking like?
I think it’s a universal theme and it’s a song for all occasions really.

Speaking of environments, what inspired the concept for the music video, and what was it like working with BlueBoredom?
I wanted it to be girly for sure and also a bit of luxury so I sent a mood board to Blue-Boredom of all my ideas and the image I wanted to portray, and he helped me bring that to life. I’m more than happy with how it came out.

What are you most excited for this year?
Releasing my music! It’s nice to finally have it out in the world and eventually be playing some live shows. I’m really nervous and really excited all at the same time.

What is one quote that you have heard or that you go by that you want to ECHO out to the world?
Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.