EXCLUSIVE: Mimi Webb Talks Album, Touring in America and More

If you’ve ever needed a good music diary to listen to due to a breakup or anything that revolves around love, Seven Shades of Heartbreak by Mimi Webb is the perfect listen. Mimi Webb is an up-and-coming power vocalist that sings about, well, heartbreak but her songs feel different than a typical breakup song. Each song has a message, an end goal, and a power beat behind each song. Webb is finally on tour in America opening for Tate McRae, though this probably will be the only time she opens for anyone because her performance was nothing but amazing. Her opening set felt as if she was the headliner almost, with a big neon glowing sign behind her saying her name. She has the stage presence, the vocals, the songwriting and storytelling down, it’s only a matter of time before she is the next big thing to come from London, UK. We chatted with Webb about her album and touring in the states for the first time below.

How are you doing? What have you been doing to prepare for your first American tour?

I’m doing so great thank you! I have been rehearsing for weeks for this tour, I also did a lot of fittings to plan all the looks for the shows. I just came back from a 2 week UK tour so I was ready for this!

I know you have been to America before but what about the states you love being in that maybe in Europe you don’t have?

I love being able to come out here and meet new fans, it’s a huge dream of mine to be able to tour America. I have been doing writing trips to LA and I love working with new songwriters and producers out here.

Also In&Out burger!!

I want to talk about your new single, “House On Fire,” talk about the creative process behind the song and what it means to you?

“House on Fire” is a revenge song, it’s very tongue and cheek. I would obviously never burn someone’s house down, but it was fun to put myself into the character. I loved being part of such a sassy song that everyone could relate to. I wrote this song with my friends Pablo and Ines who are incredibly talented songwriters.

I also need to ask about your masterpiece of an album, Seven Shades of Heartbreak, as your debut album, do you have a favorite song off it, if so why that song?

My favorite song is “Heavenly” it shows a very different side of me, a darker more moody Mimi which I am planning to tap into more in future songs.

Name the seven shades of heartbreak in your opinion, what seven stages of heartbreak do you go through to make it seem better?







If you could set up a fan in any setting for them to listen to your music, what setting would that be?

My hometown of Canterbury, the most beautiful place!

What is one quote you have heard in life that you would want to ECHO out to fans?

You Only Live Once! Make the most of it!

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