EXCLUSIVE: Kylie Muse Chats “All In My Head”

It’s been under a year since Kylie Muse first started releasing her music . Five songs in and a growing Tik Tok audience to boot, it’s clear that she has the recipe down. 

Her latest single, “All In My Head,” which began with teasers on instagram and TikTok, introduced listeners to a more relatable side of the independent artist.

We chatted with Kylie Muse about her new single and more!

What inspired your new single, “All In My Head”?

“All In My Head” was created to be a situationship anthem. It was inspired by caring too much about someone who didn’t care the same way about you.

Did you find the writing process cathartic?

The writing process felt very cathartic. It also came very easy and didn’t change much from the first writing session. It was one of those songs that just felt right.

What has it been like to see fans reacting and relating to the song?

It has been amazing knowing that my listeners have related and loved this song. I have received a lot of messages expressing that this song captured what they were thinking but could never find the words to say out loud. And that makes me beyond happy.

What do you hope those fans take away from the song?

I hope that my fans feel comfort and feel less alone after listening to the song. I hope they know that they are not alone in the way that they feel, and feel understood.

If you could set fans up in the perfect environment to listen to the single, what do you imagine it looking like?

If I could set up the perfect environment while listening to all in my head it would look something like a cozy small bedroom with neon lights and star stickers that light up the ceiling at night while listening to the song through headphones. Don’t ask me why but it just hits different.

What can fans look forward to next?

Fans can look forward to A LOT OF NEW MUSIC!!!! Along with a lot more posting across ALL social media platforms:) I’m so excited for what’s coming! My best songs yet!

What is one quote that you have heard or that you go by that you want to ECHO out to the world?

My favorite quote at the moment is “if you are in pursuit of what makes you happy, then you’re going to okay. Don’t get caught up in the destination and learn to love the journey. Because it’s all you have.” I also did just write that quote, but it is now my favorite so I feel like it’s fitting.