EXCLUSIVE: Jackie Foster Talks New Single “All That,” Competition Shows During Quarantine and More

You might remember Jackie Foster, as the standout semi-finalist from 2018’s season of The Voice, but you aren’t ready for the energetic vibes this female powerhouse is about to give out! Over the last few years, Foster has released singles such as “Great Escapes,” “Runaway” and collaborated with fellow The Voice contestant DR King on “Love Is a Drug.” Her recent single matches current Dua Lipa with her disco, confident filled song “All That.” We chatted with Foster about the new song and much more!

Okay, so let us talk your new single – ‘All That’. Talk about a little bit behind the creative process. I mean, it is kind of like a new sound for you almost. 

It is. It is very different from ‘Great Escape’ and ‘Runaway’. I think honestly ‘All That’ is the song that I wanted to write years ago, but I never could, or maybe I just didn’t have the confidence enough to write a song like that and Dua Lipa is the one that changed that for me. Like once I saw her do it and release ‘Don’t Start Now’, I said to myself, I was like that’s it, that’s the song that I wish I had written was ‘Don’t Start Now’. Once she released it, I have always wanted to, you know, write a song like that and I got together with two of my friends Shelby Adams and Adam Leffler up in L.A. and we kind of sat in a room back in January and we started coming up with maybe an idea for a new song. Originally, I did not even think the song was going to be for me. I thought that we were just going to write the song, you know, to write it, to get creative ideas out. All of a sudden, we came up I told them, I said, the number one thing I want is like; I want a really, groovy baseline. Like please, that is all I want in my life is just a good, like, you know, new age disco baseline and we created that. Then the whole concept of ‘All That’ came together just naturally, you know. Especially someone like me who went through The Voice and was put in the public eye and you know, the expectations of how you are to be on social media and, you know, with TikTok and so many influencers, I feel like a lot of us create a life that is for the purpose of an Instagram post. You know, how can we look as cool as possible? How can we, you know, create something that is this, you know, quote unquote, LuxLife something that no one can reach. I just sometimes get tired of that. I think for me that is really, difficult. So we created this idea of like, let us create this character of a guy who gets everything he wants, never has to ask for anything, life comes easy except for the one thing he cannot have is the girl he wants. That is the idea.

Oh my God. I love that. And I totally relate to that about TikTok because I’ve become addicted to TikTok but I totally get annoyed with like, some of the ego of some of these TikToker’s 

And we need an Anthem song like that. Like we need a song that’s like, I’m annoyed with their ego. Like I am annoyed that you think you can get everything you want and that is why I wrote ‘All That’ and not to be spiteful or anything like that. It’s just, I feel like I haven’t heard a song like that, honestly, like that expresses your frustration and slight jealousy and, you know, wishing you had that life but at the same time being like, do I really want that? Is that for me? And so, you know, that’s why I wrote it and I love it. I am so excited about it.

No, I mean, I listened to it once and, now that you say ‘Don’t Start Now’, I do kind of hear the Dua Lipa inspiration in it. What is your favourite lyric from ‘All That’?

Oh my gosh. I would say oh my goodness. You are going to laugh at me, but I am going to, literally, pull up the lyrics on my phone. I think it is in the second verse that one of my lyrics is, hold on here we go. Here comes the lyrics. All right. Second verse would be. I love the line ‘like you still know how to win when you come in last’. Because it’s like if the song didn’t already sell you on the type of person that I’m like creating or not creating, but people that exist is like, even when you managed to come in last place, even when this person manages to mess up, they still win. They still have the ability to make it look good. You know, and then you know, that was not my cup of tea cause I think for me, I like, I do not know. I guess I come from humble beginnings and as I moved to L.A. and gotten a chance to meet people, there is something about people who are just so kind hearted and you can see through people that are not like that. I think anyone can and so, you know, I am not going to spend my time on people who, you know, maybe want to use me because I was on a TV show or that. I want to be around people that are just going to uplift me and be better humans than I am so that I can be a better version of myself.

Love that. And talking about you coming from humble beginnings and this and all that, what kind of advice would you have for like guys, girls kind of moving into a big city like LA who are trying to be more authentic, be more genuine and not get caught up in the whole egotistical side of things? What advice would you have to people like that?

That is a really, good question and I feel like sometimes I need to listen to my own advice about this, but number one, I would say it is okay to feel scared. It is okay to listen to your emotions and feel confused. You know, I can always put on a face and say, I am happy I am loving this but to be honest, at times, I get really scared. At times, I feel like, am I walking into a lion’s den. Cause L.A. is full of people that are chasing the same dream that I am and I think that the advice that I would give to someone is listen to your heart. If music or your passion, maybe you are moving to L.A. for design or photography, videography or music, if in your soul, that is what makes you happiest nothing should be able to take that away from you. No matter what someone says, no matter how many times you get turned down, if it feels scary or you’re not good enough, it doesn’t matter. Listen to your heart, listen to yourself, and listen to your emotions. If you are afraid, be afraid let that fuel you. If you feel like, you know, things are not coming together, let that fuel you into moving forward and pursuing it and the whole ego thing, my biggest thing is surround yourself with the people that you feel reflects you. Look at the people around you. If they are not the kind of person that you want to be, then, then re-evaluate things. That is what I would say.

I love that. That is super important to be around authentic people too. 

It is. It helps you in the long run and also authentic people this is what I’ve noticed. I got really, really lucky and happened to live next to two neighbours who are fantastic artists in the music industry and it was not planned. We moved in and found out, I was like, wait, I follow you guys on Instagram. I am huge fans of you guys. What in the world, like, we did not know this was going to happen and, excuse me, sorry. We just become best buds, they come to Brandon, and I constantly saying, I have this opportunity and I think it would be perfect for you. The fact that they even say something like that, my biggest fear was and moving to L.A. and it is like a dog eat dog world. You have to get your own opportunities but the truth of the matter is there is such good kind people out there that want to see you flourish and do better because they know that you are not going to step on their toes. It is you are in your own lane. Every artist is in their own lane. I do not sound like anyone else so I have my own thing to worry about.

I love that. Now, what can we kind of expect from your future music, maybe possibly even album? I know with everything going on there is nothing set in stone I feel like for anybody, but what kind of sounds can we expect going forward?

You are going to hear a lot more of what this is a lot more of this dance, upbeat, energetic, pop. It is always something that I wanted to do. I think because I do have the voice to do, you know, this big power ballad, which do not get me wrong those are still in the queue ready to be release so those are still there but I really feel like I am comfortable with this music that I’ve created with all that. I want to release a lot more of that when I heard Dua Lipa, newest album, Future Nostalgia and granted, I wrote this song before the album came out. So I didn’t even know that she was going to do this and then when she released the album, I went, that’s it. Like I found my soul sister let us do it together and so I plan on releasing a lot of music like this. In the times that we are at, it is going to be difficult. You know, just to get in a session, but I am excited for the opportunity to maybe work more one-on-one with myself and write more music alone instead of co-writing. I have a couple songs that are pretty much ready to go and I’ve showed a couple of friends and people close to me, the new music along with all that and everyone kind of is in the same boat going, Jackie, this is it. Like you found your sound. This is it. This is what you are going to run with. This is what is going to make the change and the difference in your career. So to get that kind of feedback, dude, I am all for it. I am like let us go, let us go, let’s get this happening and so, no album yet. I am still just going to work on singles. I feel like that is a safe space for me right now, just to do singles. I have only been in L.A. for a year now. So once I kind of experienced more of L.A. more writing sessions, then I’m going to work towards an album but for now I’m totally happy with singles.

What have you been kind of doing to stay creative, busy? Maybe like find a new hobby during this quarantine pandemic time.

Do not laugh at me, but I have become, I did not necessarily have this interest before Corona, but now that Corona is in our lives, I have become a home renovation, DIY freak. Like it is actually disturbing how often I watch YouTube videos of like how to, you know, rent her friendly, how to transform your kitchen, how to transport your room. Like you do not understand. Once Goodwill in my area opened up, I have gone every single day to find like new items of like how I can rearrange my house. I bought a new coffee table, like and it has been weird because I feel like guilty. Maybe I should have been working on a lot more music during quarantine, but I am the type of person where, when I find a love and passion for something, I need to allow myself to have a break from it every once in a while and to focus on something else. And so that YouTube renovations areas has just become something that I really look forward to in a way to escape, you know, everything going on. So that is my new hobby and we’ve built benches in the back. We have built a picnic table. Oh, we spent so much time at Home Depot. You have no idea.

Oh my God, what is your favourite thing that you have built, a piece of furniture that you built?

Well, I would say a picnic table. We had no furniture in our backyard and I love being outdoors. So we built a picnic bench and painted it white and it’s just super cute and it just feels super homey outside now, and I mean every night, Brandon and I have dinner outside, it’s, it’s really, really nice. I love to cook and just be out there, but there is one other thing that we did. I transformed my lampshades very odd. Does not sound exciting, but it is actually very thrilling. We like painted and put twine all over our lampshades to give it like a cute boho look. So I’m telling you the dark hole of YouTube don’t get caught in it.

Trust me; I have gotten stuck in TikTok already. So I am past a new low. Then, so talking about competition shows, you were on The Voice. I want to get your opinion on how you thought the competition show did with this whole pandemic. Like, do you think one kind of did something right that the other one could have learned from? What were your thoughts on the whole, you know, filming from home kind of?  

You know, it is so weird to see, to experience what I had on the show and then to watch these contestants now going through their experiences. I definitely have to say in a weird way, I feel lucky to have gotten the chance to be on that stage with the lights, with the production, with the sound team cause that is, I mean, that’s concert level stuff what you experienced on the voice. It is really, really, amazing. However, what The Voice was able to do and American Idol was able to do cause I watched both and I did compare as to how they were up at the handle it, they really did the best that they could with the situation that they were given. I do have to say kudos to American Idol. In my personal opinion, I thought that the way that they recorded the videos and did the editing process; I felt it was a lot more natural than the voice did it in my personal opinion. I feel like maybe they can take a few a few notes from what American Idol did because I thought it was just perfect. It was personal; there was not any super cheesy editing on American idol. It was just, I am going to sit in front of the camera with some lights and saying, and I thought that they did a really, really, amazing. They did not try to put on the show and so I feel for these contestants that didn’t get the full experience, but they did get the exposure and that’s what changed it for me is like getting that exposure being on the show. That is what is going to help my career and the longevity of my music. So I’m glad that these contestants got that opportunity and who knows what the future of the show is going to look like. I mean, I know that they are holding auditions right now. So who knows? I’m not sure, but I think as long as they keep it authentic and just honest and real and let the contestants just sing, that’s, what’s going to translate the best to the audience.

I totally agree with that. I am interested to see how America’s Got Talent will put on their shows going forward. I know it is so weird, but because I am sure season, two of the voice probably will happen in the fall sometime, so I am sure they will have to.

Yeah, and I do not know how they are going to do. I mean, even I am a big fan of the bachelor, right? I love the bachelor series and I know that they are filming Clare season right now and I am thinking to myself, well, how are they going to do that quarantine style? Like how are they going to be able to move forward with all these realities shows that, that I love to watch.

If you could set up a fan and a setting for them to listen to your music let us say new music. What setting would that be?

Oh a roller skating arena. I am going to put the headphones on you. I really hope you can roller blade because otherwise there is no way this is going to happen. Flip the disco lights on and just kind of like zone out and vibe out. I think rollerblading is one of the coolest things I have super gotten into the rollerblade tic talks. I feel like that is just the way to experience it. Just kind of feel like you are floating and carefree and having fun. That would be the vibe.

I love that. I also love how rollerblades are kind of making a comeback. 


It is all a bunch of people who were rollerblading in Pasadena last week. I went to the botanical gardens and saw like five rollerblades. I love it. I could never rollerblade though I fall on my butt too much. Now what is one quote that you have heard in life that you want to echo out to the world?

Oh, one quote that I want to echo out to the world would be hold on. It is coming to me. I feel it. “Use the things that have set you back to push you forward. 

I love that.

That is something I have always, believed in is not to dwell on the negative things. Let that give you fuel and fuel your passion, fuel your energy, take that anger and put it into a music, take that sadness put it into your passion. Let that be the thing that, that gets you to your end goal.

I love that. That is a really, motivational quote. 

Of course.

Take a listen to the new song “All That” below!

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