EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Blossom Caldarone

Blossom Caldarone is not only a songwriter, but a storyteller as well. 

Born in Gloucestershire England, Caldarone has always had an interest in music. Now she has taken that and has infused personal stories with notes to create playful and relatable songs that are reminiscent of old school Lily Allen. 

In one of her first releases, “Aldo” she reflects on the life of an old neighbor upon his passing. Caldarone artfully crafts a seamless and descriptive musical story that captivates listeners and bathes them in nostalgia.

This month, Blossom shared more musical tales on her newest EP, “Not My Stories to Tell.” ECHO chatted with the 20 year old about new music, inspiration and what fans can expect next.

Congratulations on the release of your new EP, “Not My Stories To Tell.” What has it been like to receive such positive reception to the EP?

Thank you! It’s been lovely! I’m really glad the songs are resonating with people. 

What inspired the songs off the EP?

People! Family, friends, boys  

What did the songwriting process look like for the EP?

I wrote the songs over the span of about 5 years actually! All of the songs apart from “Perfect Too” were just written at the piano by myself at first and then I tweaked them as I went along. I wrote “Perfect Too” with the producer of the EP (George Moore). 

You wrote “House Party No 1” at 14 years old. Do you find that the story still rings true to you today?

Definitely, I think it always will as it was such a memorable part of my life. 

In “House Party No 1,” you included a recording from when you performed it at camp at age 14. Why did you choose to include it? 

When I found it after years, it instantly took me straight back to that summer and time of my teenage life. You can hear me singing at the end aged 14 and I just thought it was sweet. 

You use a lot of storytelling in your songs. What ingredients do you think make the best story? 

Honesty and humour. 

Why do you think it is important to share your own stories in your music rather than works of fiction?

I have a short attention span usually so I imagine songs work much better than writing fiction for me! 

How do you think your music has evolved since your EP Sit and Be?

I feel like the Not My Stories To Tell EP is really similar to Sit and Be in a lot of ways. The songs are all piano based and the story-telling writing is still there. It’s just everything around it that’s changed a little. I’ve got all the added instrumentation I’ve always wanted on Not My Stories To Tell; which wasn’t accessible to me when doing Sit and Be!

If you could set fans up in the perfect environment to listen to your new EP, what would it look like? 

A very warm day walking through their town.  

Have you always had an interest in music?

Yes! Since I was really little! 

Can you remember the first song you ever wrote? 

Yes! It was a song called “Wedding Fair” and it was about a family wedding I wasn’t invited to because I was too young and it was adults only. 

What is one piece of advice that you’ve received that you want to ECHO out to the world? 

Love a lot, trust a few but always paddle your own canoe.  

What can fans expect next?

Another release early 2020!