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EXCLUSIVE: Blake Draper Talks Disney+ ‘Prom Pact’ and B.E.E.F.

With prom season coming up, Disney+ released the perfect movie to get inspired and ready for the exciting time of year for High Schoolers. Prom Pact is the latest rom-com to land on the streaming service. It’s a great movie about not jumping to conclusions, learning how to balance life, and still thinking about the future at the same time. It’s a perfect movie for the younger generation as it covers many important topics that the typical high schooler goes through daily. We chatted with Blake Draper, who plays the main love interest in the movie, Graham Lansing.

How are you? 

I am very well, thank you!

Prom Pact is your very first official Rom-Com, what was it like getting to be a part of the movie? 

It was an absolute dream. As well as being my first Rom-Com, Prom Pact was my first feature film. I met so many amazing people making this movie and I’ll always cherish the friendships and experiences I’ve taken away from it.

What about your character’s script made you inspired to take this role?  

Probably my favourite thing about Prom Pact is the idea of not judging a book by its cover. This was evident from the first reading of the script. The notion of playing a character who is perceived a certain way, to then completely subvert really excited me. It’s an opportunity to play a fully rounded, three dimensional character which doesn’t always come around.

You play the main love interest in the movie, who is automatically labeled as the typical jock in High School, but ends up actually having more than just looks. What about this role made you think it was important to portray especially to a younger audience growing up in today’s age? 

I think in the era of social media in which we are quick to judge people based off of a few images, it’s important to know that people are always more than they present, that people all have a story. I think it’s important especially for a younger generation who have grown up in this online dominated world to see a film like this which breaks down those barriers. It’s easy to label and put people in boxes but that’s a lazy option. Everyone is unique and we should embrace and celebrate that.

Did you go to your High School Prom?? What was your favorite song that would play at the prom if so? 

In Australia, we don’t have Prom! But, my favourite Prom song from set would have to be Let’s Dance – David Bowie.

If you didn’t go to prom, was this movie your life-long fulfillment, meeting expectations of Prom? 

The Prom I got to experience while making this film completely exceeded my expectations. I had so much fun being dressed in my tux filming those scenes. It was the prom of my dreams x1000

I love the term, B.E.E.F. in the movie, how do you try to live life by that motto? 

I think B.E.E.F is such a great motto to live by, my biggest take away from it is balance. It’s very easy to get completely lost in one endeavour, especially work related and I think it’s always good to keep a healthy balance, and if you can find that balance between work and everyday life, you’re doing pretty well.

How did you get into acting in the first place, do you remember watching any movies or TV shows as a child that made you want to get into the industry? 

I got into acting after I did my first school play at the age of 8. I was completely enamoured by it and from that day on, I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life. Even before then though, as a child, movies were my favourite thing in the world but it took me until I hit the stage for the first time to put two and two together.

If you could ECHO out one quote that you heard in life to your fans in the world, what quote would that be? 

Keeping to the Prom Pact 80’s inspired theme, I would have to quote Ferris Bueller.  “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

If you could pick a go to snack to have while watching Prom Pact, what would it be? 

Without a doubt, Cinema popcorn, extra butter. It’s a classic for a reason.

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