EXCLUSIVE: American Song Contest Starts Semi-Finals As Contestants Sing Their Heart Out For A Spot In The Finale

With the semi-finals of the NBC show, American Song Contest off to a start, contestants are battling their hearts out to get a spot for the finale when it airs May 9 on NBC.

The first week of the semi-finals was one filled with ballads, powerful voices, a rapper/cowboy and a tropic performance that made you want to get away on a tropical vacation. This week we saw Ada Leann (Michigan), AleXa (Oklahoma), Allen Stone (Washington), Hueston (Rhode Island), Jared Lee (Massachusetts), Jonah Prill (Montana), Jordan Smith (Kentucky), MARi (New Hampshire), Ni/Co (Alabama), Riker Lynch (Colorado) and Ryan Charles (Wyoming) take the stage for their moment to win a spot in the finale.

With each contestant bringing their all to their performance, Riker Lynch shared with us what it felt like performing on the stage for a second time. “This time felt great. I feel like it keeps getting better and better. I love performing, so any chance, any opportunity to perform is an amazing thing for me. To be able to add the dancers in this time for this performance, get the salsa moves going was so much fun.” Lynch use to be in a band called R5 and has been on tour solo a few times so. “It’s exciting taking my career to the next step. I love performing with my brothers and I loved performing with R5, there was a part of me that whole time that wanted to express this sort of tropical pop vibe that I have deep inside me and now I get to do that. To get to do that on this huge stage with this amazing audience. I’m so honored to do it on this quality and this caliber of a show.”

With only two weeks left until the finale, who are you hoping gets into the finale?

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