Embracing Self-Love: A Conversation with CLAY on Healing and Their Upcoming EP, ‘Waiting for God in the Garden’

CLAY (she/they) is learning to “water” herself first on her forthcoming EP, Waiting for God in the Garden. 

After losing herself in a difficult break-up, the alt-pop artist is rediscovering and embracing what it means to be CLAY. Through six introspective tracks, including “Think of You,” CLAY is finding love, validating feelings, and healing their withering inner child. 

We spoke with CLAY about embracing this new era, self-love, and what to expect from her EP, out May 24th.

What was the inspiration behind your song “Waiting for God in the Garden”?
This song was one that came into fruition during a particularly potent chapter for my healing journey. My journey to finding answers to questions that I now realize only I could ever answer for myself.

This song is the title track off your upcoming EP. How do you feel the title “Waiting for God in the Garden,” best represents this body of work?
I have always had a deep reverence for nature and worship at the altar of Mother Earth in all her immense glory. My fascination and natural tendency to use imagery and metaphors involving her many forms continues throughout this body of work. I wrote Waiting for God in the Garden about letting go and releasing control in order to connect back to self. Throughout my young adult life, especially in these last few years, I have found that the more you lean into joy and childlike wonder, the more you remember your purpose. Your inner child always knows the way back home, to the source of your self love. As we journey through the EP, as I “wait for God in the garden,” I come to realize what I’ve been looking for has always been both within, and reflected all around me. In the trees, clouds, wind, fire, and earth.

If you could set up fans in the perfect environment to listen to “Waiting for God in the Garden,” what do you imagine it looking like?
In a place where you feel safe. For me that would be outside amongst the trees/flowers, etc.

Success in this industry relies so much on people “liking” you and your music. How have you learned to balance pleasing people with creating music that waters your soul?
I have never made music to appease others. I just trust that if I practice radical vulnerability in my music that there has to be other people on the planet who resonate. It’s just a matter of finding them.

You begin your “Waiting for God in the Garden” tour this May. What are you most looking forward to on tour?
I think there is a quality in live music that simply cannot be captured in recorded music. There is a sense of community and presence that a live show builds. Like a moment in time that you can never again replicate.

What can fans expect from those performances?
New music! Shared space! Laughs and maybe some crying hehe.

What is one quote that you have heard or that you go by that you want to ECHO out to the world?
“Transform yourself to transform the world.” – Grace Lee Boggs