Devotion to Individuality Spotlights Games We Play’s ‘Life’s Doing Great’

There is nothing logical about music. Never has been. It has many sides; polite, profitable, iconic, cult phenomenon, music that glitters, music that is pioneering, and chart-topping, just to shout out a few. Under Rock’s vast umbrella, there is a dude who looks like he stepped out of the sequel for Pineapple Express. Not a guy, but one hundred percent dude. Embracing his love for music since he was a 14-year-old singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and pop-punk provocateur, Games We Play (a.k.a. Emmyn Calleiro) has passed the days of sleeping in his van and panhandling for an audience. “Moving to Nashville and then to LA and posting tik toks were ALL leading up to this moment. It’s a dream come true putting out a record on Fueled By Ramen/DCD2 alongside Pete Wentz,” says Emmyn.

His debut LP Life’s Going Great, is a cross between whimsical pop in the pursuit of funky Rock. Most of the tracks play like they belong in the climactic scene of some final episode. Life’s Going Great also showcases Emmyn’s versatility as an artist and his ability to craft infectious melodies that stick with you long after the music stops. It is a loud and fast blueprint of everything that is right with music and drops Emmyn on the right road to defy convention.

Blunt as a mallet, Life’s Going Great is filled with standout tracks highlighting Emmyn’s songwriting and musical prowess. From the high-energy opener “The End” to the introspective title track “Typical Me,” each song takes listeners on a sonic expedition through Emmyn’s underworld. It is gutsy music that amuses, amazes, and gets your body moving. Leaving almost no emotion unturned, this LP doesn’t stay in one direction because it has no need to mimic anyone.

Pushing boundaries without any concern for commercial compromise, Emmyn’s trademark will be that potent mix of sex, laughs, and hardware lyrics. “Made a quilt out of your red flags” is a personal favorite of mine. 

Emmyn’s drive and ambition will undoubtedly keep him at the forefront as he continues to elevate to greatness. He has already registered on some pretty infamous radar’s…touring the music world with his idols YUNGBLUD, Fall Out Boy, All Time Low, The Band CAMINO.

I have a feeling that Emmyn’s style will inspire artists we have yet to experience

One thing is absolute, Life’s Going Great will not be Emmyn’s only contribution to Rock.

Featured Photo Credit: Ashley Osborn