Demi Lovato Collaborates with Marshmello on Uplifting Anthem “OK Not To Be OK”

Demi Lovato has teamed up with Marshmello for an uplifting anthem and unforgettable collaboration. 

The duo have released a brand new track titled “OK Not To Be OK” along with its music video and fans are completely here for it. The single, which has a powerful message, was purposely released on World Suicide Prevention Day. This release comes one week after Marshmello posted a cryptic teaser that mysteriously seemed to reference Lovato. 

Both artists decided to partner with Hope for the Day, an organization that works to break down the stigmas around mental health and focuses on suicide prevention. 

Hope for the Day founder and CEO, Jonny Boucher, said in a statement: “We are excited to be teaming up with Demi Lovato and Marshmello on this project to break the stigma around mental health on world suicide prevention day.” 

The music video is a great addition to this already powerful song. In it, both Marshmello and Lovato wake up in their childhood bedrooms before seemingly reliving their pasts and witnessing themselves growing up. As grown adults, they ultimately meet themselves as children and all end up destroying their bedrooms as a form of stress relief. This all occurs before they finally find peace with themselves and their situations by the end of the video. 

“OK Not To Be OK” continues the popular chain of hits Marshemello has created this year. Fans can expect to hear his fourth album Joytime IV sometime this fall. 

At the end of the day, this track is an important reminder that sometimes it’s ok not to be ok. And it still reminds listeners to know their resources and educate themselves when it comes to mental health.

Lovato told fans on Instagram: “Take a moment today to check in with yourself and your loved ones” prior to the music video being released. 

“OK Not To Be OK” is now available on all streaming platforms.

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