DASHA Releases Anti-Cheating Anthem “None Of My Business”

Following the success of her debut single “Don’t Mean A Thing,” DASHA has returned with her latest record “None Of My Business.” 

In collaboration with writer Chelsea Balan (AJ Mitchell, Kaskade) and producer Elijah Hill (Crobin, Maty Noyes), DASHA has created a 90’s R&B influenced melody juxtaposed alongside vulnerable lyrics about unreciprocated love and an unwillingness to exert energy grieving the loss.

“None Of My Business’ was written around the feeling you get when the person you want doesn’t want you back. The storyline in the record is exaggerated into walking in on the guy you’re with and another girl cheating, but the sentiment is the same. There are so many songs about crying over someone who doesn’t want you back, but I’m not about to spend that much energy playing the victim and being hurt over some dude. ‘None Of My Business’ is all about showing that person the bad bitch they lost and almost rubbing it in their face a little!,” DASHA shared.

Listen to “None Of My Business” on all streaming platforms: HERE