Corbyn Besson Makes His Solo Debut With “Love Me Better”

Corbyn Besson, one-fifth of the chart-topping Why Don’t We, steps into the solo spotlight with his debut single “Love Me Better,” marking a significant turning point in his career. The track, released through a partnership with BMG Recordings, showcases Besson’s evolution as an artist, transitioning from his group’s dynamic to his own solo journey.

Originally conceived as a potential Why Don’t We single, “Love Me Better” takes on new life in Besson’s hands. The song’s upbeat pop hooks and infectious energy nod to his boy band roots while carving out a distinct sonic identity. With driving acoustic and electric riffs layered over urban-leaning drums, Besson crafts an anthem of liberation, urging listeners to break free from toxic relationships or situations.

Recorded with a talented team of producers, including Connor McDonungh, Riley McDonough, and Rob Grimaldi, “Love Me Better” radiates with polished production and Besson’s signature vocals. The collaboration with Rob has been pivotal in shaping Besson’s solo sound, reigniting his passion for music and inspiring a wave of new creations set for release.

Besson’s solo venture not only highlights his vocal prowess but also showcases his impressive guitar skills, weaving seamlessly through the pop-infused melodies. Each song becomes a canvas for Besson to connect with his audience on a deeper level, offering solace and companionship through his music.

In a world filled with uncertainty, Besson aims to be a beacon of positivity for his fans, providing a safe haven through his uplifting melodies and relatable lyrics. With “Love Me Better,” Corbyn Besson embarks on an exciting solo journey, promising more heartfelt tunes and infectious beats to come.