FILM REVIEW: Boston Strangler Hulu Movie Review

When you think of a strong independent woman, you think Kiera Knightley in the latest crime drama, Boston Strangler. Based on the true story from the 1960’s, Knightley portrays tenacious and compelling force in Matt Ruskin’s film as Loretta McLaughlin, a wife and mother originally working the Lifestyle section at the city’s Record-American newspaper. With help from her collaborative partner Jean Cole, played by Carrie Coon, she discovers a connection behind recent gruesome murders in the area, in which they were all women randomly targeted. Loretta and Jean are the first to pursue and broadcast the connection through the paper. The movie shows how important the women in the city are, proving that women typically are more keen on their senses.

The one downside to the movie was the lack of connection and character development we saw with Knightley’s character, though primarily focused on the murders, it could have used more character development with Knightley’s character.

The movie overall is interesting and keeps you guessing what the murdered actually looked like, even though it was a google search away, if you weren’t highly educated on it before, it is a good/informative watch.

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