Blu DeTiger Offers A New And Intriguing Perspective On Indie Rock with ‘All I Ever Want Is Everything’

Everyone on this planet is graced with the power of choice. You can choose to create a trend or simply follow one on social. You can open your path to a cool collaboration or fly solo like a badass. Where you choose to land is…well, where you land. 

With a ruthless vibe that screams take it or leave it, Blu DeTiger dropped her long awaited debut studio album, All I Ever Want Is Everything,  via Capitol Records. This LP plays host to 14 upbeat and melancholy tracks that delve into various themes of self-exploration, introspection, and personal growth. DeTiger’s music style ranges from infectious grooves to intimate ballads, creating a diverse and engaging listening experience for new and returning audiences.

Yeilding to singles like “Moxie,” “Imposter Syndrome,” “Sad Girl,” and “Hey You,” I found this LP to be a unique study in the unexpected, invoking seduction and likeability, all the while striking her bass guitar with the freedom and control of a rock’n’roll hall of famer. All I Ever Want Is Everything does not fit neatly into one genre box. This LP is  a little bit all over the place, and that’s more than okay. It should be allowed for an artist such as Blue DeTiger, who has the technique to present her own special spin on indie, rock, and funk. 

The album also serves as a platform for Blu DeTiger to share her personal experiences. Though it is commercial, this LP is a far cry from trendy. Blu manages to populate her LP with lyrics that are swift, precise and rhythmic.  Each track reflects a different aspect of her journey towards self-discovery, capturing moments of vulnerability, strength, and resilience. Blu’s special music fusion is more effective when she shows an enticing restraint in “Moxie.”  This track is my favorite because the funk of the beat dials up the intensity of her bass playing, along with the rapid-fire lyrics. On the other end of the spectrum, “All I Want Is Everything” promotes her ability to convey raw and vulnerable emotions within the indie rock arena.

“All I Ever Want is Everything” is an anthem for girls who like to rock hard, create their own rules, and plant seeds of greatness, inviting anyone with a pulse to throw up a roadblock. 

Blu will support All I Ever Want Is Everything with a North American headline tour that will kick off on April 25th at The Sinclair in Boston, MA and include shows at NYC’s Irving Plaza (April 27th) and the Troubadour in West Hollywood, CA (May 4th). Tickets are available at

Featured Photo Credit: Lucas Creighton