Beulahbelle Release First Music Video

Fans of the sister duo Lennon and Maisie will love Beulahbelle for its similar music style.

In each of their songs, Kaitlyn Dever from the movie Booksmart and her sister Mady harmonize with the guitar to create dreamy melodies. 

Their signature sound is showcased in their latest release, “Raleigh,” and on February 12 the band released their first ever music video for the track. The film’s muted palette and seamless harmonies set the tone for the lyrical telling of a relationship lament.

The video produced and directed by the sisters, begins with Kaitlyn singing. “I remember when you used to say you loved me,” as she sits on a white bed waiting for her mint green rotary phone to ring. 

Soon she is joined by Mady who takes her place in harmony alongside her sister.  As the music crescendos, the duo performs mirrored choreography in the fogged room creatively revealing the relatable story.

If “Raleigh” is any indication of the music to come, we are excited to hear what Beulahbelle creates next.

Watch the music video below. 

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