Alex Warren Headlines The Troubadour in Los Angeles

22-year-old TikTok sensation turned music star, Alex Warren, made his headlining Troubadour debut on September 6, 2023, in Los Angeles, CA. With a devoted line of fans waiting outside hours before the show and a distinguished influencer guest list, the Troubadour was the place to be this past Wednesday.

Openers Gibby and Rowan Drake warmed up the eager crowd. After parting ways with the band SunRoom, Gibby started off the show showcasing his remarkable solo talent with excellent songwriting and vocals, exuding major confidence and charisma. He was followed by the Atlantic Records’ budding artist Rowan Drake, whose stunning vocals serenaded the enthralled audience while performing songs off his latest EP, “Dear Ella.”

Cheers resounded through the room when Alex Warren, the charismatic headliner, took the stage. He continues to prove that he is not just an influencer, but an exceptionally talented artist with every performance. His captivating vocals resonated profoundly within the room, and despite the nerves he expressed after the first song, he delivered an outstanding and emotionally charged performance. A clear crowd favorite was undoubtedly “Chasing Shadows.” Fans not only sang along to every word but also held up heartwarming signs that read, “We will always be there for you Alex.” The night was filled with intense emotions as Alex sang heartfelt songs addressing mental health struggles and the loss of both his parents.

He invited his close friend Michael Sanzone to the stage to sing Happy Birthday. Michael was then pleasantly surprised to learn that he’d be performing alongside Alex for an unreleased song they had co-written together. Their collaborative performance delivered a beautiful and memorable moment, and it was remarkable to think that it was Sanzone’s first time performing in front of such an enthusiastic crowd.

After a quick and stylish outfit change, Alex returned to the stage to perform one of his earliest releases, “One More I Love You.” Fans sang in harmonious unison, allowing Alex to step back from the microphone and bask in the heartfelt moment.

Witnessing Alex interact with fans before, during, and after the set clearly demonstrates how deeply he appreciates his dedicated listeners. His unwavering passion for music shines brilliantly on stage, and his future in this industry is undeniably looking exceptionally bright.