AJR Kicks Off ‘The Maybe Man Tour’ with Dean Lewis

Kicking off the first weekend of The Maybe Man Tour, AJR brought their incredible spectacle to Hartford, Connecticut’s XL Center.

To start out the night, Dean Lewis took the stage and won over the crowd with his original music. A highlight of his set included a cover of Taylor Swift’s “Cruel Summer” that got people up and out of their seats.

For AJR’s first ever arena tour, the band of brothers brought out all the stops. Almost every song of their entire set had a very well thought out production aspect that kept fans engaged until the last note.

The show began with “Maybe Man,” and roughly ten Jack Met body double’s all around the stage. Continuing their hijinks and hits, the brothers worked their way through the setlist, which included songs from all four of their studio albums and a medley performed by Ryan Met with the rest of the band performing from the balcony and the crowd.

From fake janitors to funny bits, AJR proves once again that they know how to put on a live show for the masses. This tour just started and runs until the end of the summer- it is a must see experience! To grab your ticket, visit https://www.ajrbrothers.com/tour/