Absolutely’s Debut Album ‘Cerebrum’ Lives Up to Its Unique Title

When was the last time an LP took you on a journey across the globe without ever leaving your seat? A mesmerizing expedition, perhaps through someplace other than the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU)-only special listeners are invited. Without much fuss or fanfare, because, well, let’s get real… Absolutely’s music speaks volumes for itself. An artist of this caliber sticks out like a one-of-a-kind spring wildflower in Joshua Tree. With soul-stirring lyrics and flawlessly crafted melodies, singer/songwriter Absolutely dropped her debut 13-track Cerebrum via Epic Records.

Cerebrum is a masterful creation that represents a unique chamber within Absolutely’s world and offers her fans an opportunity to dive into her exclusive auditory adventure. Her vocal prowess ensures that each track provides an immersive experience.

With a pulsating rhythm and hypnotic beats, “Daylight” sets the tone for the album as Absolutely skillfully maneuvers through layers of heavy drums and theatrical sound. Absorbing everything that is Cerebrum, it is almost as if we are unveiling an enigma and unlocking some sweet mystery that only Absolutely has the key to. Within Cerebrum, there is a quest for clarity, shattered love, and an embrace of the unknown. There are rock anthems and rap elements sprinkled about. There is also solid storytelling throughout and thought-provoking lyrics that leave a profound sense of enlightenment behind.

What I like most about Absolutey-one is that you cannot put her and her music in a box, put a bow on it, and call it an LP. Cerebrum is a breath of fresh air in an industry saturated with formulaic offerings. With its unique blend of genres, Cerebrum successfully breaks free from the confines of familiarity. The lyrics encourage introspection, challenging us to question the narratives we construct in our lives. Absolutely has a haunting and powerful delivery, while celebrating darkness and embracing beauty in the same breath. Featuring innovative production techniques that create an otherworldly ambiance, Absolutely fearlessly experiments with pop, electronic, soul, and alternative elements, resulting in a refreshing debut album. Absolutely has intricate attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to artistic authenticity that shines through in each meticulously constructed track.