Maro Reminisces in Sophomore Release “Take It Back”

Featured Photo Credit: William Eljarbo

“Take It Back” is the sophomore release from multi-hyphenate, Maro. This track follows Maro’s debut earworm, “carsick” and continues to define Maro’s distinct, laidback sound. 

Over an indie-pop guitar driven melody, Maro reminisces on, “the good moments you’ve had with a person when you were in high-school. Experiencing the feeling of missing that someone, who’s not in your life anymore. It takes you back to the good times you miss and describes how someone made you feel, and how you feel about it now years later,” Maro shared. 

The single’s vibrant music video features Maro as he flashes back through a memory montage. 

In addition to his original music, Maro has been sharing unique covers on his Youtube channel.

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