Kid Hastings Explores Romantic Vulnerability in Single “Backwards and Whimsical Visual

Featured Photo Credit: Eddie Mandell and  Aamir Khuller

After a year long hiatus, Kid Hasting has returned with his second single, “Backwards” off his forthcoming sophomore EP.  

The kaleidoscopic single self-produced, written and performed by the indie pop artist explores the unpredictability and vulnerability of love. The relatable lyrics glide along a blithe, interpolated melody from Ray Noble’s jazz standard “Cherokee.” 

“Backwards’ is about figuring someone out. They can drop hints here and there at their motives, but can you ever really be sure you know someone? This song details the uncertainty I had with someone I was in love with and features an ultimately carefree and awe-struck hook,” Kid Hastings explained. 

Playing on the song’s title, Kid Hastings enlisted the help of his childhood friends to create a no budget video for the track filmed entirely in reverse. When played forwards at 2 times the speed, the visual is whimsical and vibrant.

Watch here: 

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