Get Lost In Huron John’s New Song “Arthur”

Featured Photo Credit: Chase Denton

Huron John is sure to take you on a trippy ride with his psychedelic, new age sound. Get lost in his new release, “Arthur. An infectiously bright, upbeat track with captivating hooks, John showcases new production styles employing a thick 2-step drum beat paired with sunset-chorus guitars. This rhythmic single is a sneak peek into his second project Cartoon Therapy, a no-time-wasted reflective experience contrasting the darkness surrounding today’s society juxtaposed with sunny upbeat grooves. 

John strives to provide an immersive experience for his listeners, encapsulating a futuristic indie sound while also bringing in pop-culture with lyrics like “Back when paper towel and all Purell -it was in the store”—a nod to 2020.

John is a self-taught songwriter, producer, and visual artist hailing from Chicago, Illinois. He strives for a direct and personal connection to his audience. Fusing a wide range of influence from artists he idolized growing up such as Daft Punk, Mac Miller and The Smashing Pumpkins, John’s mix of sonic sound presents something new for the internet age of music listeners. From his basement studio, John has amassed over 12 million streams worldwide. 

Listen to his comeback single “Arthur” here.

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