EXCLUSIVE: Maty Noyes Talks New Music Video For “Wrong” and Upcoming Album

Growing up in Corinth, MI, she initially dabbled in piano as dad introduced her to Billy Joel, The Beatles, and numerous seventies staples. Simultaneously, she dug into the music of Etta James, Alanis Morissette, Frank Ocean, and Amy Winehouse. At 12-years-old, she received a guitar for Christmas and developed a bond with the instrument. After her mom bribed her into playing an open mic night for $50, she became obsessed and performed weekly anywhere and everywhere around town. By the age of fifteen, she convinced her parents to allow her to move to Nashville alone. Between babysitting to survive, she used a fake ID to gig at clubs throughout the city before a house party chance encounter opened various doors. A few months later at 16, she landed a major record deal and at 17 headed west to Los Angeles.

Noyes has been slaying with her pop love anthems such as “Say It To My Face” as well as even writing the song “Stay,” which Kygo then went onto produce and master.

Following the release of “Wrong” earlier this month, earlier this week, singer-songwriter Maty Noyes has released the official video for the breakup bop. The video, directed by Clare Gillen (Kim Petras, King Princess), starts off with Maty inside a paint-by-number page which is filled in as the songstress sings through the feelings of a breakup

ECHO had the chance to chat with Noyes about her brand new music video and more!

How have you been since we last chatted? It’s been a few years but yeah. 

Well it’s been a few years, so I’m good. I’m really good. I’m just you know I just moved to Silver Lake; I love it over there. I’m living with my best friend my dog he’s happy he has a yard. I make a lot of art. I make a lot of music. I just hang out with my friends and just make art it’s pretty dope. 

Let’s talk your new song Wrong. What was creating the song like?

The creative process was like really hard because when I wrote the song, I was still living with the guy that it was about and we were kind of going through the breakup. And he kind of had to like be there to hear it like he picked me up in the studio and like heard it in the car. And it was a very surreal acceptance of like where we were at because we were best friends, but we just knew that we had to be a part to figure some stuff out that couldn’t be figured out together. And there was nothing wrong with us. We could have made it work. It could have been great, but we weren’t fully being honest to ourselves if we did that. 

Now I also love the music video for the song. 

Thank you I love that. I got to bang myself that was so fun.

It’s full of colors I’ve noticed, it’s just full of different yes bright colors- like not bright colors but like bright there are a lot of bright colors. 

Yeah, the whole album is kind of based around colors. And finally like with this album it’s been really fun because I’ve got to record tons of videos for it and they’re all kind of centered around colors. So, that’s my whole thing is I’m obsessed with colors. 

I do have a question about colors but before I do that was your favorite part about filming the music video? 

Definitely the paint scene and beginning to bang myself scene because they were both really last minute like ideas that I had that I threw in and I didn’t know how they would go. And I feel like you know maybe people were a little upset with me for like adding it so last minute, but I just knew that it would be dope. So, I had really a lot of fun covering myself in paint. I love to get messy and I love the concept of like getting to make love to yourself on screen because it’s not something you see a lot. I like anything that’s not in the ordinary because I get very bored of the same things.  

There are a lot of bright colors within the music video. Talk about kind of incorporating the colors into your music for this album. What kind of made you go into the whole color process scheme for this new album? 

Well I feel like I have been obsessed with colors since I was a child. I was the girl who wore tie-dye rain boots to school with my uniform, where we would could only wear like red and navy uniforms [laughs]. So, my whole life has kind of been about like being colorful. And with all the songs coming out, every song that has come out so far with the cover they’ve all been based around a certain color. “Sunlight” was yellow. “Man Needs a Woman” with blue wrong is red. The next song, “California Palms” is green. You know so all the songs are kind of based around color and when you see the album art it will also tie into that, so it all kind of makes sense when the album comes out. 

 Since kind of your song which is still one of my favorite songs to this day, “Say it to My Face”, how would you say your sound has like changed since then?

I would say that with this album the way that I like to describe it as, I would say there’s a song on there for everyone. Half of it is elements of different kinds of pop and half of it is elements of different kinds of soul. So, it’s every mood. It’s every feeling. The album is called, “The Feelings Mutual”. So, it’s every feeling that you feel that could be mutual and it’s all the stories of the three men that I’ve been in love with and how they’ve taught me the lessons I’ve learned through love. So, with “Say to My Face”, I would say that there are a few babies of that on the album there’s songs like that but it’s not all of that. Maybe there’s two or three songs that could be in that bang and pop vibe you know but it’s not all of it so there’s a little though just for you because I know you love that shit. 

You kind of started in the music industry kind of more writing I mean you wrote like, “Stay”, “I Know” and then you’ve written a few other songs. How did you kind of like find your way and shoot the music industry as like a solo artist? 

I just went for it a hundred and shit just happened and I always believed in myself and I always worked really hard and that’s it. I don’t know like if it’s, walk the right place the right time I don’t know. But all I did is you know when I moved to Nashville when I was nights every night by myself with a fake ID like I went in there. And I played for hours, gigs everywhere I could for years in a row. So, eventually some people see you they want to manage you they introduce you to this people. They want to help you they introduce you to that people you’re working with this producer you Kygo’s hearing your song the weekend is hearing your song. Like there’s a million names there’s a million people there’s a million ways, but I never thought it would be this way. It’s always been so random I just knew that I would never give up you know. 

What kind of stuff have you been doing to stay busy during you know quarantine? Have you found any new hobbies to do? 

I tried a lot of cool new recipes because I’m mostly vegan so I try to like find new ways to make that taste good for me because it’s hard for me. Because I’m from the south and I wasn’t brought up that way. I’ve gotten into photography I’ve gotten into film. I’ve really gotten into fashion and styling. Yeah, I don’t I do a lot of random stuff I started taking private aerial lessons and pole dancing lessons and just a lot of random shit really. 

Now if you could set up a fan of your music for them to listen to your music- oh my god sorry I totally messed up that question. If you could set up a fan in a setting for them to listen to your music what setting would that be? 

Probably just like making dinner for them and chilling at my crib you know like smoking a blunt having some wine or something or some water- whatever they want and just hanging in my space and just being myself, so they can have that full Maty experience… petting my dog you know 

What’s one quote you’ve heard in life that you want to echo out to the world? 

“One good girl is worth a thousand bitches”, Kanye. 

And then kind of last question kind of to just wrap it up generally. So, we can expect a new album. In a sentence or two, what kind of can we expect from your album? 

Expect it to be, the first of many more to come. This is just my way of saying hey guys I’ve been working on music for five years. I never got to put any of it out. Here’s some dope stuff but I’m also working on a bunch more. This is just the starting point of where I’m headed. So, this album is a new beginning and a fresh start. 

Watch the music video for “Wrong” now!

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