Eddie Benjamin Shares Official Music Video For “Running Away From Home”

Today, enigmatic singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Eddie Benjamin shares the official music video for his single “Running Away From Home.”

In the visual, he steps inside of a classic limo and dominates the frame with undeniable charisma and palpable charm. As the funkified bass line thumps in the background, the visual juxtaposes vignettes of him ripping finger-style on the fretboard, rocking on the moon, and set down atop his retro ride to outer space. “Running Away From Home” was co-produced by Eddie, Daniel Gleyzer, and Mike Sabath [Lizzo, Alma, J Balvin, Selena Gomez, Jonas Brothers].

“The ‘Running Away From Home’ video represents a time of personal exploration,” Eddie told Paper Magazine. “It captures the experience of watching your soulmate go through something really difficult and wanting to run away and leave it all behind. I wrote this song through the perspective of that character. The visuals in the video portray the characters psychedelic world in which I’m able to find beauty, color and explore a dreamy universe. “

Watch the music video now!

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