Delilah Montagu Opens Up On “This is Not A Love Song” EP

London artist Delilah Montagu is back with her most honest release yet, “This is Not A Love Song” EP.  

The 6 track autobiographical project details Montagu’s experiences with love, addiction and art, and how those things affect her relationship with herself and others.  

This exploration of honesty began with the first three singles off the EP:  “Loud,” “Us” and “Version of Me” in 2020 and continues with the final three tracks: “This Is Not A Love Song,” “Pretend,” and “Faultline.” 

“The songs on this EP are about the end of a relationship. They symbolise my inner relationship with myself as well as the experiences I had with my partner.  The rawness and honesty of this EP is very exposing, and it is the most openly I have ever written about my life – which makes the EP very special and close to my heart,” Montagu explained.

Listen to the EP here. 

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