Abigail Barlow Releases Latest Single “Jet Black Hearts”

Abigail Barlow’s track “Jet Black Hearts” is a cheeky Alice in Wonderland inspired song. The song is a combination of Ariana style harmonies and notable Billie dark beats. 

Like many of Barlow’s songs, her one million followers interacted on TikTok to helped her weave the lyrics of “Jet Black Hearts” with a catchy melody to create an amazing piece. Barlow chatted about this unique fan engagement and creative process with ECHO earlier this year, “I thrive off of constructive criticism. TikTok is such a good test tube for my music because my followers genuinely want me to succeed and LOVE my music. So when someone suggests I change or tweak something, I know it’s something I need to take into consideration.” 

“Jet Black Heart” is one of the three tracks off of Barlow’s project, THE SUMMER EP; which is due out in August.

Listen here.

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