girl in red Kicks Off World Tour: She’s ‘Back, and Better Than Ever’

It’s girl in red “Sox” season! 

It may not be October, but Boston fell in love with girl in red when she kicked off her “I’m Doing It Again, Baby!” world tour at MGM Music Hall Fenway. 

Pops of red peppered the winding line as fans wrapped around the ballpark waiting to enter. 

The hum of excited conversations turned to cheers as Momma started things off with a “Bang Bang.” As electric guitar and bass resonated in the audience’s chests, the trio rocked out to some of their top streamed songs including  “Medicine” and “Speeding 72.” The 30 minute set also included some brand new songs that made their live debut that night. “We’re taking a risk and ending on a new one,” band member Allegra Weingarten announced. 

As the crew broke down Momma’s equipment, fans couldn’t help but be curious about the glossy, oversized color cubes stacked across the stage. Their importance was revealed later on in the show as a representation of rediscovering childlike wonder. “It’s very colorful and playful, and that’s been something I’ve been embracing since I’ve been getting older,” girl in red explained of the structure and its cut paper visuals, which she has affectionately named “The Playground.” 

However, this “playfulness” wasn’t just for aesthetic, but was palpable during all one and half hours, from the dancing and hair flips to the anecdotes and moshing. 

Girl In Red performing in Boston
Photo Credit: Amelia Cordischi

As the first show on the tour, girl in red had the opportunity to “play.” If she wanted to throw in a Taylor Swift “…you’re making me feel like I’m The Man” intro or try out a Disney narrator voice on “A Night to Remember,” she could. And honestly, her candidness was very refreshing.

Rocking her signature suit and tie, she “warm[ed] up with some old hits,” including “Girls,” which she acknowledged is “such a big part of my career and the foundation of it all.” Other oldies but goodies were “we fell in love in october” and “I wanna be your girlfriend.”

In attendance was girl in red’s actual girlfriend of three years, as well as the inspiration behind “A Night to Remember” and “Pick Me.” Her joy at announcing her girlfriend’s presence was adorable, and was a physical manifestation of the bliss of girl in red’s current album and the namesake of the tour. 

This is quite the evolution in comparison to her last album if i could make it go quiet. This progress is heard sonically between her debut album’s last track “it would feel like this” and this current album’s opening track “I’m Back.” girl in red has taken the melancholic minor chords of “if i could make it go quiet” and transformed them into hopeful major chords. “I’m Back” is “it would feel like this’” healing older sister that has “hope that things get better,” girl in red explained. 

With this album and tour, girl in red is back and better than ever

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