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Zara Larsson Visits Boston on Radio Promo Tour

Matt Soscia

One year ago Swedish singer-songwriter, Zara Larsson burst onto the international music scene with her album So Good. Now she is back with her new pop single, “Ruin My Life.”

Late November, Larsson embarked on a radio promo tour with stops in New York, Rhode Island and Massachusetts. On her November 29 stop in Boston , she performed to a packed house at Venu Nightclub, as part of the Amp 103.3 Live series. Throughout the performance, Larsson commanded the stage and entertained the audience with her soaring vocals and dancing.

Fans sang along to songs including “Symphony” and “Never Forget You.” The performance was particularly engaging for one fan when Larsson grabbed his phone to record a personalized singing selfie video.

She closed out her solid 15 minute set with “Ruin My Life.”

Although fans urged her to continue; she said, “It’s important to leave the crowd wanting more.”

… and from the applause it is certain fans want more!

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