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Yumi Zouma Rocks Boston’s Sinclair

Youmi Zouma rocked the Sinclair Thursday April 14 in an intimate, fun show. The group brought a lighthearted, exciting set to the Cambridge theater and did not disappoint.

The opening act saw NoSo out to the stage, filling the Sinclair with beautifully powerful vocals and tones of intricate electric guitar. The crowd responded well to the chill, fun songs and the musician’s effortless humor. 

Photo Credit: Julia Rush

An excited crowd welcomed Yumi Zouma to the stage and they kicked off a racing set with “Southwark,” a track from their 2020 album Truth or Consequences. Bright lights bathed the musicians in a multicolored glow that shifted from track to track. A white neon “Yumi Zouma” sign hung over the drumset and garlands of white flowers lay draped over mic stands catching beads of light.

The band continued through their setlist to hit a range of their various popular songs including tracks from nearly every album in their discography. Bouncing about the stage, the group set a breezy fun tone and the audience reciprocated, dancing and singing along. 

Photo Credit: Julia Rush

Later on the Sinclair became awash in an abundance of blue hues fit for the track “Powder Blue / Cascine Park.” In a frenzy, bandmates Charlie Ryder and Josh Burgess swapped instruments in a display of multi-instrumental musicianship. The two continued to swap between bass and guitar throughout the set.

Lead singer Christie Simpson hit her vocals beautifully and consistently throughout the show and  projected a cheery demeanor to accompany.  

After coming back for an encore the band closed out with two more songs leaving the crowd on an incredibly high note.

Grab your tickets to see Yumi Zouma in a city near you here!

Photo Credit: Julia Rush

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