Will Hyde Launches Solo Project with Debut EP

Featured Photo Credit: Joey Knox

 with u in mind.’ is the debut EP from Melbourne-based indie-pop artist Will Hyde. 

Formerly one half of the duo SYDE, Hyde’s six track project launches the next evolution for the now solo artist. 

Through intimate songwriting and synth rich production, Hyde shares raw and personal experiences. “’with u in mind’ feels like a snapshot in time for me. I love the fact that I can revisit these songs & listen to them as a diary entry/chapter from a different part of my life. The thing I love about the world is that everything is constantly changing, my situation now is not my situation tomorrow. Knowing I can use these songs as a reference point for getting through obstacles I will surely face in the future, makes me feel grateful,” Hyde shared.

Hyde went on to say, “‘with u in mind’ summarizes a lot of emotions over the body of work. it’s sort of scattered sonically yet tied together with the same umbrella of emotions I was feeling – hurt, rejection, shame, love, connection, hope.”

You can listen to the EP here.