Weathers Attempts to Break Free From a Toxic Relationship in “Rehab”

Since 2015, LA-based alt-rock band Weathers has been shedding light on our inner demons. 

In their latest single “Rehab,”  Weathers addresses the internal battle that goes on while trying to escape and heal from a toxic relationship. Lead singer/front man Cameron Boyer’s smooth and distorted vocals capture the emotion, while a marching beat, tight electric guitar, and full bass capture the struggle.

In the video co-directed by Boyer and Michael L. Costa, a Weathers performance is interrupted by flashbacks and metaphors for feeling trapped.

Along with sharing their message through their music, Boyer, guitarist Cameron Olsen, bassist Brennan Bates, and dummer Cole Carson have partnered with mental health organizations including Jed Foundation, Hot Topic Foundation, and Mental Health America.

“Rehab,” and their previous single “C’est la vie” can be heard on their highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Pillows & Therapy’ this August. 

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