Wallows get in the Halloween spirit with “Drunk on Halloween” and “1980s Horror Film II”

Atlantic Recording group Wallows are getting in the holiday spirit by celebrating Halloween with their new song “Drunk on Halloween.” The song produced by Will van Boldrik is available for download today and is paired with a self-directed lyric video. The song is perfect for the morning after a “Drunk Halloween” party. Flood Magazine called the song a perfect mix of “soothing acoustic guitar against a grandiose horn section, all soundtracking a harmony of post-party maturity.”

Member of the band, Braeden Lemasters told Flood Magazine how the song came together. “The song came together pretty quickly in [drummer Cole Preston]’s bedroom one day while we were recording demos. The only part we had written was the chorus melody. It started to take on a life of its own—musically and lyrically—and ended up forming into a classic tale of heartbreak, but with the backdrop of a Halloween party.”

Wallows also released their song “1980s Horror Film II” where that is more of a nostalgic 80s inspired recording produced by Stefan Mac. The song is definitely more up beat and fun VS the post Halloween party where you feel awful.

The video for “1980s Horror Film,” directed by Nina Ljeti, harkens back to the vibrant 80s and was shot in the famed Los Angeles neighborhoods of Laurel Canyon and Venice Beach. To further embrace the 80s, the video is soundtracked by a new arrangement and recording of the nostalgic Spring EP track.

Both songs are very different but are definitely worth while taking a listen to!

Having spent much of the past year selling out shows from Los Angeles to London, Wallows –Braeden Lemasters, Cole Preston, and Dylan Minnette – are wrapping up 2018 with performances at Austin City Limits Music Festival (October 13th), Voodoo Music & Arts Experience (October 27th), and Camp Flog Gnaw (November 10th and 11th).  Additional dates – including a North American headline tour – will be unveiled soon. For updates & tickets, please visit wallowsmusic.com.