Viral TikTok Artist Lubalin Releases Original Single “long txts”

Featured Photo Credit: Denise Audette

Over the past couple of months, Lubalin has transformed internet drama into a viral TikTok series. Most recently, he brought his talents to NBC’s The Tonight Show for “INTERNET DRAMA PT. 4” featuring Jimmy Fallon and actress, Alison Brie. Now the Montreal based multi-hyphenate is sharing his latest original single, “long txts,”  

In the experimental hip hop track, Lubalin looks at how we tend to complicate things by over simplifying them. 

The inspiration for the track came to Lubalin last year. “I’m on a greyhound bus, traveling from the city I was born in, back to the city I live in. Across the aisle, I can see the glow of another passenger’s screen. I can’t tell what they’re writing, but I can see that they’re sending long txts and getting long txts back. I just thought, ‘that’s a vibe,’” Lubalin shared. 

Lubalin’s creativity is also showcased in his September 2020 release, Lubalin EP and will continue to be shared with fans on his upcoming singles, EPs, and videos due out later this year. 

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