Valley Releases Timeless Single “Tempo”

Featured Photo Credit: Becca Hamel

Alt-pop quartet Valley is keeping pace with their latest single “Tempo” featuring Soakey Siren. 

The “upbeat dance track” departs from the JUNO nominated band’s signature concoction. Instead of blending upbeat melodies with melancholic lyrics, the band juxtaposes a driving beat with a message to slow things down. 

A timeless quality is brought to the track through Soaky Siren’s vocals that drive home the message of living in the present. 

“We wrote it with the lovely Soaky Siren (‘Nobody’s Love’ by Maroon 5) who we ended sampling all over the song, her voice has such a lush vintage yet modern feel to it. It really fills the space throughout ‘Tempo’ in a beautiful way,” 

While we enjoy “Tempo” in the present, we can’t wait to see what Valley has in store next!

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