Tyler Shaw Releases New Romantic Ballad “When You’re Home”

Featured Photo Credit: Young Astronauts

“When You’re Home” is the new romantic ballad from multi-platinum artist, Tyler Shaw. 

The guitar driven single, untangles the intricacies of romance and boils it down to being in the presence of someone you love. “‘When You’re Home’ is about having security in the person you love. Home can be wherever and whenever you’re with someone you love or admire,” Shaw explained. 

The enduring sentiment is brought to life in a visual co-directed by Shaw and The Young Astronauts. Viewers follow Shaw through different rooms of a home and see the joy that each interaction brings him, even despite the leaking ceiling. 

“This music video was my first time co-directing with my long time creative collaborators, The Young Astronauts. I pitched my team the idea of a modern couple set in a different time period and pulled elements of different romantic films and stories and brought them to life in this new video. The video reflects that universal desire to be in love and feeling safe when you’re ‘home’ with someone, whether that’s a physical, emotional or mental space you share with someone special,” Shaw shared.  

“When You’re Home” is the second single off of Shaw’s forthcoming album due later this year.

In addition to working on his original music, Shaw launched and led ArtistCan, an initiative to raise funds for COVID-19 relief in Canada. In April 2020, he gathered fellow Canadian artists including Justin Bieber, Michael Bublé, Sarah McLachlan, Avril Lavigne, Donovan Woods, Walk Off The Earth to cover  “Lean on Me” with all proceeds from the single going directly to the Canadian Red Cross.