The Driver Era Releases New Summer Groovy-Funky Song “Heaven Angel”

The Driver Era, the insanely talented alt-pop/groove band is back with their groovy/funky song “Heaven Angel.”

The band with brothers Ross and Rocky Lynch as the two leads, set to make their own comeback since the pandemic has taken a toll on the industry with this new song that will for sure get you moving to the beat for the rest of the summer.

With a thrumming melody & layered rhythm paired with velvety-smooth vocals, “Heaven Angel” is a punchy & dynamic track highlight’s the band’s signature ability to blend unforgettable melodies with intricate lyrics that makes this single in particular the perfect insight into The Driver Era’s new era. With their crooning voices, Ross & Rocky sing “Hard to find, you’re one of a kind, girl/Why can’t you fly my Heaven Angel/I get so shy being right by your side/it’s no surprise you caught my eye,” singing about the feeling you get when they meet someone who captivates you entirely.

The music video that accompanies “Heaven Angel” features the brothers driving in a vintage convertible until they arrive at a smoky underground club with everyone dressed to the nines and partying the night away. When Ross notices an angelic ballerina (Los Angeles Ballet’s Leah McCall,)the club & the entire club begins to fade away. With Rocky in the driver’s seat, the pair then embark on a cinematic drive around Los Angeles. The track & video both demonstrate the growth and maturity the band has experienced since their 2019 full-length debut album, X.

The brother duo are set to hit the road later this year, you can get tickets to their tour here!

Stream “Heaven Angel” now!

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