The Chainsmokers Brought the Party to Boston’s TD Garden

Featured Image Photo Credit: Danilo Lewis

Lennon Stella opened the show with her single “Breakaway.” The Nashville actress and singer, proceeded to play through her entire Love, Me EP to the die hard fans who arrived early to the four hour show. Rocking a neon orange blazer, similar to the one she wore in her “BITCH” video, Lennon showed off her singing, piano and guitar talent. She closed her set with “La Di Da.”

Australian band, 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS) took the stage next. They were welcomed  by a montage of news clips before bringing us back to 2014 with their hit single, “She Looks So Perfect.” Luke picked up the mic stand for “Stay.” He carried it down the long catwalk as he sang, “…you say that’s all that you want and more,” before picking up a guitar to strum out a solo. Each song flowed effortlessly into another as the band played through their extensive library on an impressive guitar collection. There were a few music breaks during which Luke expressed that is was a “pleasure to be in your country and your city,” Calum revealed that Boston was his favorite city to play in and Michael regretted his poncho. Fan support was apparent when the mic was turned on the them to sing “Amnesia” and when they lit up the Garden with their cell phone flashlights during “Ghost of You.” Before the boys left the stage, Ashton urged fans, “I want you to have the best night of your life please,” before promising, “Keep loving us and we’ll keep loving you.” 5SOS rounded out their 17 song set with “Youngblood” and a joint bow upstage. 

Photo Credit: Danilo Lewis

The Chainsmokers kept the party going with an incredible amount of energy. Drew Taggert, Alex Pall, and their drummer, Matt McGuire emerged carrying torches and dodging the various levels of light rigging that had dropped down from the ceiling. Before kicking off their set, Drew yelled, “Boston are you f*cking ready?” and from the deafening cheers it was clear that the audience was. Fireworks launched the duo into their first song, “Takeaway;” a collaboration with ILLENIUM and Lennon Stella, who joined them on stage. The Chainsmokers continued with hits; including “Paris,” “Don’t Let Me Down,” “Closer,” and their 5SOS collab “Who Do You Love;” which the guys joined them on the stage for. The duo even threw in a few covers; such as Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “City of Angels,” The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army,” and Isley Brothers’ “Shout.”

Photo Credit: Danilo Lewis

Mid-way through the set, a cage globe descended from the ceiling for “Sick Boy.” Drew climbed in and sang locked inside the cage hovering over the crowd. He revealed that he wrote the song about his experience with depression. “Just know that I went through it too and I’m with you guys,” Drew told the crowd. The stunts did not stop there. Drew also climbed a several story staircase built into one of the lighting rigs and performed above the catwalk on a long platform. At one point, three motorcyclists and two dancers climbed inside the globe to perform some tricks. 

Photo Credit: Danilo Lewis

A unique aspect of the set was it’s heavy use of pyrotechnics. There were many fireworks and flames. The drummer, Matt impressed audience members when he performed a solo at a drumset in the center of the catwalk with flaming drumsticks. 

Some comedy was infused into the set when Drew invited an audience member to dance with him on stage. The lucky audience member strutted down the catwalk and dropped into “the worm.” It left Drew speechless.

Before leaving the stage, the duo raised a glass to the crowd. Then Drew threw in a Freddy Mercury call and response before asking the crowd to join him in singing “Closer.” acapella.

The Chainsmokers World War Joy tour continues through the end of December. Get your tickets here.