Tayler Buono Marks The End of a Ten Year Relationship with New Single “My Person”

For Independent singer/songwriter, Tayler Buono, songwriting has always served as a way for her to cope and process events in her life. In her first single, “Technically Single,”  Buono opened up about her frustrations with a relationship. 

Four years later, Buono still has that authentic quality to her music like it is ripped straight out of the pages of her diary. Her latest entry, “My Person” is inspired by an on and off again ten year relationship.  

“I loved him very much but he was never able to step up and communicate his love or affection for me. I held on so long because I kept thinking he’d get there but It was a really painful journey,” Buono continued, “I wrote “My Person” while I was going through our final breakup, feeling isolated, during the pandemic at the end of last year…”My Person” is about letting go of the future I romanticized together and accepting that I deserve better,” Buono shared.

However, the story is not over yet. Buono teased that she is working on a project that dives deeper into this past relationship. 

Until then, especially this Valentine’s Day Buono says, “I’m going to love and nurture my person (myself) and I want to encourage others to do the same. We are deserving, worthy, capable, lovable and we shouldn’t settle for less.”

Listen to “My Person” here. 

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