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Take a pause and watch “Life in a Video” by The Accents

“Life in a Video” is the latest single from Toronto based band The Accents. The electronic indie-pop track explores the “tricky balance…when on some days we’re overwhelmed with feelings of self-doubt, and other days we’re overflowing with confidence,” the duo explained.

Through the lens of a camcorder, the accompanying video further contrasts the personal and professional perspectives brought to light by the song’s lyrics.

As with all their music, “Life in a Video” optimistically recognizes life obstacles,

“It is a fast paced world, yet it is essential to remember to do things in your own time. Don’t feel rushed to achieve a certain level of success or status because that’s what you’re seeing online” the band cautions.

Slow down the pace, hit pause and take a listen here:

Watch here:

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