Stalking Gia Releases David Bowie and Elton John Inspired “Astronaut”

“Astronaut” is the latest single from New York-based alt-pop artist Stalking Gia.

The song tracks a relationship that seems to stay in orbit. “‘Astronaut’ is about a relationship that constantly starts and ends…always picking back up where you left off. Every time you reconnect, you think you’ll get a different result, but it always ends the same way. This person gives you the greatest high and is so unreachable that when you finally connect it’s magic,” Gia explained, “I also relate the word ‘Astronaut’ to a performer/musician. They’re all like astronauts to me. I’ve had friendships and relationships where they go off on tour, which is almost like going off to space and then returning home is them coming back down to earth.” 

Gia has noted that the single was inspired by two music legends: David Bowie (‘Space Oddity’, ‘Starman’, ‘Life On Mars?’) and Elton John (‘Rocket Man’).” The John and Bowie influences can be heard in the piano filled verses,  eruptive hook, and harmonies. 

The retro nods also appear in her futuristic music video featuring the ‘Stalking Gia Space Program.’

Like all her music, Gia hopes that listeners “get lost” in “Astonaut.”

I’d love to give everyone a euphoric experience. Shut off the outside world and dive into my fantasy. Maybe you can even feel inspired and magical. I do,” Gia says.  

Her next project, ‘SEASON ONE,’ will be launching soon!